Monday, March 28, 2016

First flight away from Airport

 After six years of planning and building, the day finally arrived to take the plane up and away from the airport.  Friends Doug Haughton and George Steed followed in their Bonanza for safety and to take pictures.  I'm so glad George was there to take these ama

First Flight

 First flight went off without any issues.  Here I am before takeoff. 

Transition Training

Transition Training with Mike Seager in Vernonia, Oregon.  First time on a grass strip and with the RV-10.  We had a great three days together.

Final Inspection

The final inspection turned up a few fixes.  Nothing substantial.  My boys helped fix the few items before the first flight.
 The baggage compartment is plenty big.
Marek is helping fix some bolts in the stabilizer attachment points.


 Fitting the cowlings was difficult.  I ended up taking off a little too much from the aft side of the bottom cowling.  The top ended up being perfect.
 Also some gap at the front of the cowling needs to be cleaned up.  I will be using the upgraded cowl pins from Vans.

 The oil access door was easy with a Dremmel tool.
The vents turned out excellent.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

First Engine Start

 Pat Hesseltine owner of Avian Aeronautics showed up to help with the first start.  We pre oiled the engine by turning the prop with the bottom spark plugs removed and the oil cooler cables opened.

 Miro and Grandma watching and waiting for the plane to be started.

 Marek playing and getting excited for the plane to be started.

 The project always attracts friends when the doors are opened.

 First fuel.  Thank you Kyle Saboda.

 Cleaning and priming the spark plugs with fuel.

 The ignition wasn't working.  Later found out it was a fuse.  But here Pat bypassed the ignition and instantly lit the engine.
 My legs were shaking holding the brake pedals.  The engine has more power than I've ever felt.


 Wiring the Advanced Flight Avionics quickpanel system

 Turning screens on for the first time and testing out some functionality.

 Not bad for an 'experimental' aircraft.  Full IFR, synthetic vision, ADS-B in/out with weather and radar traffic, full autopilot coupled to the GPS.  Avidyne 540 for IFR.